Patti currently holds faculty positions at Western Connecticut State University, and New York University, teaching violin and chamber music. She has also served as visiting faculty at Hunter College's Department of Music, and has taught privately in the New York City area since 2008.

Patti teaches students at all levels of proficiency, and specializes in creating teaching curriculums that are adapted to the level, technical needs, and musical interests of each violin student. Her teaching approach emphasizes mindfulness of the physicality of playing, deliberate and efficient practice, and personal aesthetic fulfillment for each student.


Patti is currently in her fourth year of the Ph.D. in Violin Performance at New York University. Her dissertation research is focused on investigating the performance practice of contemporary works for electroacoustic string quartet. Her research interests are extremely broad, but her dissertation research draws from the following categories that she has explored over the course of her doctorate:

  • contemporary chamber music from the 20 and 21st century
    • especially: music for string quartet and electronics
  • postmodern philosophy
  • music aesthetics
  • performance-based research and the performer's role as researcher